How To Slay Your Dragon.

Come children, gather round as I tell you the story of the Knight and the Dragon. Kingdom Pleasant was in ruins. A crimson cloaked knight pushed away the fallen stone as a fierce dragon swirled overhead. Tracking the beast to it’s lair, the brave knight declared war on the serpent. The cruel beast lunged at the knight biting onto his leg and bruising his heel. The Crimson Knight gathered all of his strength, and brought his battle hammer down on the head of the Great Serpent. In a single blow the knight crushed the head of the dragon and freed the kingdom of it’s greatest foe. Just as the Crimson knight crushed the head of the dragon; Christ has crushed the head of our great adversary the Devil.



We Fight a Defeated Foe.

The first lesson you must learn brave knight is, the battle is the Lord’s. There is a lone knight in shining armor, but it is not us, it is our Savior. The moment we begin to fight in our own strength we will be defeated. We must remember that we fight a defeated foe. We must look past the height of our giants and look up even farther to the towering might the Lord, Jehovah.

Never Surrender the Might and Love of God.

Next, brave knight, even when the battle grows fiercest, never surrender the almighty power and love of God. When life gets hard, the first thing our enemy tries to steal from us is the love of God. The Lier will whisper, that a loving God would never send us through these trials. Our enemy will tell us that Christ must be cruel and our God malignant to send us through such a messed up world. Next, our adversary will try to convince us that God is not in control. Our foe will tell us that God does not have a plan for our lives, and even if He does, He is powerless to enforce it. Frankly, our enemy will try to convince us that God is not God.

Remember, Christ has already overcome our foes, this is why our enemy fights so hard to take any visage of Christ out of our lives. The moment we relinquish the love and might of God, we have lost the war. Our Leader has never surrendered and neither must we.

Because there is Christ, there is Hope.

Little knight, there will be dragons, but because there is Christ, there will also be a “happily ever after”. Has not all of our history taught us that God governs in the affairs of men? Does not scripture teach us that God moves even the hearts of kings? Rightly also, our fairy tales remind us that even after the cold of a 100 year winter, the Lion will return from across the sea declaring spring on a frozen world.

As you look through your stories and read through your histories, humbly acknowledge the orchestrating hand of God. The Lord is the One who saved the Dutch from Philip by blowing in a hurricane. It was the Author of our history who preserved the Scottish Covenanters with a miraculous fog. It was the Sovereign of Nations who saved England by blowing away the ships of James ii while blowing in the navy of William iii.

God is more powerful and loving than we can comprehend.

Created for a Purpose.

God who rules over history. has a plan for each and every person. God has no extras in this wonderful play called life. You were made for such a time as this. You were made to be a dragon slayer.

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